Cocky Hoffer-Hietbrink

This is the story of the Ocean Warriors.
An army of seahorses.

For ages the seahorses lived in their own mysterious world deep under the surface of the oceans. Swimming through the blue waters they only had natural enemies to fear. This came to an abrupt end with the intervention of human beings and their world of waste and plastic.

The seahorses were surprised and unsure how to deal with this unknown substance and the problems it seemed to cause. At first they were all confident that there was a solution. However, they were getting hopeless that the plastic belt of pollution was getting larger and did not disappear.

They realized that something had to be done and they made the decision to leave the water and fight back. They wanted to let people know that this pollution had to be stopped. The seahorses decided to transform into warriors and swap their tails for legs and feet and they went ashore.

They were ready for action!