Cocky Hoffer-Hietbrink
Welcome to my website

My name is Cornelia Hoffer and I live and work alongside the river De Zaan in Zaandijk.

All my life I have been fascinated by clay and after a lot of wanderings it has become my favorite material to work with. I have followed lessons and workshops in hand shaping and modeling. Furthermore I am autodidact.

This website serves as an introduction to my work. This work consists of objects and images. The objects are mostly tight forms and are often combined with other materials.
I work a lot with clay slabs and slips and use very little glaze.

My greatest inspiration? I am fascinated by impermanence, worn rusty materials, old buildings ready for demolition, factories and used tools, materials with a history. With my ceramics I try to create a link between past and present and create a bridge between old and new. It is always a challenge to find the balance between the clay and different materials.

As opposite for working with tight forms I also create images of women. These images have their own distinct style and are large, colorful and lively.

The most important aspect of my work is that I always try to express something, to add and to tell.

For a visit to my atelier you can always contact me through my website.